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Aviation Security Training



All persons other than flight passengers with unaccompanied access to security areas at airports (with a valid background check) require security training in accordance with 11.2.6 EU Regulation No. 2015/1998. The security training complies with Chapter of the Annex to the EU Regulation No. 2015/1998.

This means that a security training course as described above is a prerequisite for receiving an Airport Security ID.

Persons who are covered by the same regulation, No. 11.2.3 - 11.2.5 and 11.5 are exempted.


We offer the following training courses:

  • EU Regulation 2015/1998, Chapter 11.2.5, Security Officer employed with Known Suppliers of Airport Supplies: 34 TU (TU = training units); (frontal training)
  • Access Control Staff plus personnel for surveillance and patrols for the airport operator: 27 TU (frontal training)
  • 11.2.6 Persons other than passengers with unaccompanied access to security areas: 4 TU (frontal training and online CBT, also available in English)
  • Persons who carry out other security checks on airport deliveries, per person, duration: 6 TU (online CBT only)
  • Other courses and retraining: by special arrangement.

Course fees are listed on our table of charges.



    Please contact us: Our team will be pleased to help you out with your training requirements.

    Aviation Security Training

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