Cologne Bonn Airport

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Cologne Bonn Cargo

Cologne Bonn Cargo stands for the bundling all general cargo activities at Cologne Bonn Airport. The aim of this business sector is to advance and strengthen the air cargo location and hub Cologne/Bonn.

With this concept, Cologne Bonn Airport is Europe’s only airport that not only offers the infrastructure, but - in cooperation with local partners ( Wisskirchen Handling Services) - also all logistics services required between runway and warehouse.

Our product portfolio makes Cologne Bonn Airport quite unique as a cargo hub, enabling us not only to provide the back-up for cargo development, but also to actively advance it. Our headquarters, the Cologne Bonn Cargo Center, offers a direct connection (A 59) to the North-South and East-West motorway network, as well as direct access to the apron.

Our cargo infrastructure has all the facilities you and your customers require. These facilities and our experienced team are available for you 24/7.

Market place CGN

Cologne Bonn Airport is not only situated in Germany’s largest state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - the backbone and driving force of the German economy - it also lies right in the middle of Europe’s largest import and export region for air cargo.

40 % of all central European air cargo imports and exports are generated within a radius of 250 km from Cologne Bonn.

Thanks to its geographical location, Cologne Bonn Airport offers the shortest trucking distances to all important cargo destinations in Germany and the adjacent Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). This guarantees that all large production facilities and distribution centres can be reached by truck in the shortest possible time.


Route Distance Driving time
CGN – FRA 160 km 180 minutes
CGN – LUX 190 km 195 minutes
CGN – BRU 220 km 240 minutes
CGN – AMS 280 km 240 minutes

This results not only in smoother work processes, but above all in time and cost savings.

Torsten Wefers

Director General Cargo

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