Cologne Bonn Airport

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Smart Flying

We are delighted to welcome you as our passenger. The pandemic has still an impact on the complex processes at the airport involving many partners. At busy times, in particular, this may lead to longer waiting times.

You can help to ensure smooth processing by being prepared and allowing more time than usual. Our travel tips and the check list will help to ensure that you set off on holiday as quickly as possible.

Preparation at Home


Please take only one piece of hand baggage. The less you have with you, the quicker the check.

Sharp objects (e.g., knives) are not permitted in hand baggage. A cigarette lighter is permitted in hand baggage (no Zippo lighters, or similar designs).

Liquids and creams (up to 100 ml per container) must be placed in a sealable 1-litre plastic bag (except for medication/infant formula).

Do not pack technological devices at the bottom of your hand baggage; they will be taken out at Security.

Check whether your passport is valid. Find out about the requirements of the airline and the destination country. Have you got all your certificates easily to hand?

Plan your arrival with some time to spare and, if required, book a parking space.

If you have limited mobility, register with the airline/tour operator in advance for assistance from our mobility service.

Check in online and, if possible, use the late-night check-in facility.

If requested, take a covid test the day before you fly.

Please find out the check-in time for your airline and allow enough time. There are lots of shops and food and drink options at the airport (opening hours on the airport website). There is a lounge, subject to a fee, and smoking areas in the Security area. Please keep an eye on displays and announcements because gates may change at short notice.

The terminal service staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Please continue to observe the protection and hygiene rules that continue to apply.

Passenger screening is a sovereign task of the federal government and the responsible security authorities. At Cologne Bonn Airport, they are carried out by the Federal Police, which uses private security service providers for this purpose. The airport is not actively involved in the checks. You can contribute to the smoothest possible operation.

Put small objects in your baggage/jacket pocket beforehand.

Bags for liquids are available from machines before you get to Security.

We recommend wearing a face mask in Security (when requested, lower it briefly).

Empty or dispose of drinks bottles.

Take off your jacket/coat. Place your baggage in a tray, technological devices separately.

Please follow the instructions of the Security staff.

Unfortunately, the Fast Lane services at Cologne Bonn Airport cannot currently be planned due to the staffing situation at the Federal Police’s aviation security checkpoint and can therefore only be used to a limited extent for the foreseeable future. At peak times, the Fast Lane at the airport is used to bring people with restricted mobility (PRMs), such as wheelchair users, frail people and those needing assistance, as well as families with young children and pregnant women to the security area as a priority. The airport has also informed the airlines of this. As soon as it is possible again, the Fast Lane service will be offered as usual.

  • Scheduled enough time at the airport?
  • Arrival organised/ parking space booked?
  • Registered with assistance service, if required?
  • Checked in online?
  • Packed your hand baggage correctly?
  • Done your covid test, if necessary?
  • Have you got all your certificates easily to hand?
  • Have you got your valid passport/ID?

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