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Cologne Bonn Airport welcomes the 10 millionth passenger


The magical mark has been cracked: Cologne Bonn Airport today welcomed this year’s 10 millionth passenger. This is the third time in the history of the Airport that this figure has been reached. The Airport’s CEO Michael Garvens, was absolutely delighted and explained: “Passing the 10-million mark is something very special, and it is the result of our extremely positive air traffic development. And this will continue in the coming year; with more than 11 million passengers we are expecting to set a new record.”

Shortly before take-off William Cole from Bergisch Gladbach was in for a surprise! At the check-in desk in Terminal 1 Michael Garvens and Germanwings Managing Director, Oliver Wagner personally greeted the 10 millionth passenger. He was on his way to London with Germanwings, when the Airport boss and his Germanwings colleague presented him with flowers and two Eurowings flight vouchers.

The passenger volume at Cologne/Bonn will continue to rise until the end of December. For the entire year a total of 10.3 million passengers is expected – a strong growth of 9 percent compared to the previous year.

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