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I do like to be beside the seaside


Being on the beach at the North Sea in just a little more than an hour: easy enough from next Sunday from Cologne/Bonn. At 1620 hours the first Eurowings flight (Airbus A319) will take off for Sylt – landing in Westerland at 1735 hours. This service to the popular North Sea island will in future operate Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Tickets can be booked on the airline’s website ( from 59.99 Euros one-way. In October you can fly to Sylt for as little as 49.99 Euros.




Departure in Cologne/Bonn

Arrival in Westerland


0645 hours

0800 hours


1630 hours

1745 hours


1620 hours

1735 hours









Departure in Westerland

Arrival in Cologne/Bonn


0835  hours

09.45  hours


1820  hours

1930  hours


1810  hours

1920  hours

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